Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My New Year's Resolution: 12 Thank You's

I subscribed to Muppet Magazine when I was a kid (and how I wish I still had them). In a holiday issue, Miss Piggy gave advice that I still remember and follow to this very day: if you make New Year's resolutions fun, you'll have no trouble keeping them! 

So every year I make a "6-pack" of resolutions: three for fun, one for my spiritual wellbeing, one for something I've put off for far too long, and finally, one for my own damn good.

I am test-driving a new type of ZPT post: lists in the form of either a 6-Pack or a 12-Pack. Why not start with New Year's?

So here we go...!

•6-Pack #1: New Year's Resolutions•

In 2015, I resolve to...

1) Go to at least one tattoo convention and get at least two tattoos this year.
2) Go through photo box and sort: get undeveloped film developed, put worthy photos in frames, put other photos in albums, scan into the computer the photos I inherited from Grandpa, fill the photo cubes Jonathan bought me, make locket photos for me, the girls & my goddaughters (maybe a soft photo baby book for Miss Morgan). 
3) Go to Disneyland! And be sure to catch Merlin and the Sword Ceremony!
4) Finish the Old Testament, at least one chapter per Thursday. 
5) Write 12 thank-you letters to and for people who deserved them in 2014.
6) Cut red meat out of my diet after my surgery (and thusly no more anemia).

Happy New Year!

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Monday, December 29, 2014

How Disneyland & Storybrooke Can Meet

My family loves "Once Upon a Time." We never miss an episode if it can be helped, and we each have our favorite characters and storylines OUAT loot was a big request for our holiday season. Eden got her very own Emma Swan necklace...

...while Wren received a gorgeous silk screen poster of Hook, Regina and Rumple.

     This is the scene on the poster!

We are equally big fans of Disneyland. Which made me wonder: how could Storybrooke best be represented in the Happiest Place on Earth?

After all, a recent appearance by Regina (Lana Parilla) at Disneyland was quite popular with Oncers, making us hope for our own little corner at the park.*

Clearly, there is a case to be made in favor of bringing the show to Disneyland. But how?

And the answer, or rather my answer, came while doing that OUAT holiday shopping. To my disappointment, it wasn't easy to find appropriate OUAT gifts as one would hope. If you already have the seasons on DVD/Blu-Ray and shopped too late to get one of the 2015 calandars, you had slim pickings indeed.

Which led me to make a wish of my own: for Disneyland to open Mr. Gold's shop! 

Mr. Gold's shop has been heavily featured in every season of OUAT. The glimpses of the things collecting on his shelves are tantalizing: the puppets (that are actually Gepetto's parents), the yellow ribbons of the Snow Queen and her sisters, Anna's Wishing Star necklace, Prince Eric's cloak, Lancelot's gauntlet, the Sorcerer's hat, and last season we even got a short look at a metal helmet that looks suspiciously like Magneto's! And given Disney's recent acquisition of Marvel...it very well could be.**

Mr. Gold's Shop would naturally be in Fantasyland near Villains Corner, or perhaps down a little alley on Main Street. Maybe he opens a branch in California, not too far from Ariel's Grotto?

It could sell a number of items related to the shop, such as books and jewelry. In addition, it would be THE place to go for OUAT merchandise. T-shirts, key chains, books, knickknacks and more featuring the characters from the show. 

     Your own Stranger's Necklace,

Want one of the hats made by Jefferson (the Mad Hatter)? How about a chipped tea cup (as we all know "sometimes the best tea cup is chipped")? In the market for a necklace with a miniature version of Emma's VW Bug or the jar with Hook's hand? Or perhaps one of Regina's apples? Although, I wouldn't recommend eating it...

I think the best possible use of the shop would be to provide little Oncers with an alternative to the traditional Princess Dresses and costumes kids love to wear around the park. Why should Jack Sparrow get all the fun...when Killian is a pirate/good guy himself? Not to mention the gorgeous costumes we've seen on the Snow Queen, Regina, Snow White and more. 

     Of course, your own Princess might
     prefer leather and a sword...

How about Emma's ball gown or trademark red jacket?

Baby clothes fit for Prince Neal, or an embroidered baby blanket for your own Princess? 

     Much better than personalized ears
     for the 12-month & younger set...
Can you be tempted with your very own Red Riding Hood? 

     Wolf not included.

Us disabled folks wouldn't mind getting our hands on one of Gold's canes! 

And of course, everyone's favorite OUAT item: your very own copy of Henry's book. Or a scrapbook version, to write your own happy ending! 

An attraction there that would bring a little magic? I envision something along the lines of the lamp at Aladdin's Oasis or my all-time favorite: the Sword in the Stone. A chance to reach into a treasure chest, pull out an"axe", and find out what your own dwarf name is! 

     This is clearly my husband's axe...

Don't disturb the eggs...although they wobble, they are not ready to hatch! 

     Did I just hear an egg...sneeze?!?

And naturally, the usual Disney collectibles could be peddled here, with a twist: can you make a good deal trading, say, a Haunted Mansion pin for one featuring Sidney as the Genie in the Mirror? 

Gold does so love to strike a deal...

Just remember that all deals are final! 

And don't forget to read carefully what would obviously be posted on the shop's door, in large gold letters....


**Have you caught all the Easter Eggs in Gold's shop and Storybrooke? Here are a few you might have missed: http://everythingonceuponatime.weebly.com/did-you-catch-it.html

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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014!