Wednesday, May 01, 2013

FB Adventures: We All Love Lucy

This post of mine came from a FB group called, "Glitter & Glitz and Bitches Pitchin' Fitz." I only found this page today, but it's full of fun photos.

In this post, the admin put up a photo of Lucille Ball dressed up as Marilyn Monroe from the amnesia episode of "I Love Lucy."

My comment:

The Original Redhead taking on the Blonde Bombshell!

People can forget how groundbreaking Lucy was. She had (on TV & in real life) an interracial marriage during a time when it was still illegal in many parts of the country. She formed and ran a business at a time when most women in business were secretaries and girls were encouraged to go to college to get an MRS degree. She was the first pregnant woman on television at a time when you couldn't even say the word "pregnant" on the airwaves (she had to use the word "expecting" instead). She excelled at physical comedy during a time when that was widely considered a male-only art.

Why did Lucy have red hair? The natural result of blazing so many trails.

RIP, Lucy.

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