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In Response AND Silver Linings: Drive-Ins & Their Legacy

I'm SOURCE:'s "6 Reasons Why Drive-In Theaters Are Never Coming Back" by Evan V. Symon:

I am a big fan of Cracked magazine's website. I have their app on my iPad, and while it does have room for improvement,  it's one of a short list of sites I read regularly as a result of what I call my "Insomnia Internetting." I also frequently view their uploads on YouTube (including a dissection of a "music video" starring the Dreaded Feldman*)


This article originally made me quite nostalgic...some of my happiest childhood memories were made at the Dixie Drive-In in Northridge, Ohio. 

My dad lived nearby, and both A) loved movies and B) hated indoor theaters. I've seen dozens and dozens of movies with my dad, and not a single one of them were viewed in a Cineplex. 

Vivid and precious are my memories of the Dixie, and so very treasured in my heart. As a result, I plan to get a memorial tattoo for my father (who died in 2010), and it is based on the shooting star from the Dixie's iconic mezzanine:

The very first movie I remember seeing was at the Dixie: "Sleeping Beauty." Later, I would see the movie that changed my life there: Disney's "Sword in the Stone."

Reading this article was bittersweet: sweet because of all the cherished movies, and bitter that future generations won't know how wonderful the drive-in theater experience really is.


After that wave of powerful memories with a twinge of regret, I suddenly switched gears entirely: I started laughing. 

Why? I realized that, thanks to my electric wheelchair/scooter that I rely on for mobility...every movie I see is a drive-in movie! 

And that includes last week's trip with my daughters and their father, making yet another movie memory themselves: "Suicide Squad."

I wonder how they will look back on our favorite theater, the Bagdad, and how different the movie-viewing experience will be when they are making memories with their own children. 

am kind of hoping for a Holodeck-type system...preferably with fewer glitches than the "Next Generation" had to deal with.

I'm sure using the Holodeck won't be cheap, but if I can get a program to take my future grandchildren to experience watching a movie at the would be worth every dime.

I can close my eyes, and picture it so clearly: driving in as the sun goes down ($5 a car, please) on a warm July night, with fireflies dotting the air and the smell of popcorn and hot dogs all around, laying out a picnic blanket, turning on the speaker, and watching a screen as big as a house come to life. 

do hope it's a Disney movie that maybe, just maybe, will inspire dreams in those little ones...just like Disney and the Dixie did for me. 

Until next time...

*Here's the link, and I strongly recommend it. You'll laugh, or I'll eat my hat, rope and all!

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Friday, July 01, 2016

Two Kinds of "Star Trek" Fans...

I'm battling insomnia and a kidney stone; fortunately, I have tons of photo apps to keep my mind off of the pain. I thought I'd share this meme I just made here. And FTR: I'm a Salt Vampire fan myself! 

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Monday, June 27, 2016

Dear Sheila E...

See the tribute here:


Sunday, April 24, 2016

The 25 Best Songs to Mourn Prince

On April 21st, 2016, the musical universe lost one of its brightest stars: Prince Rogers Nelson, known all over the world simply as Prince. 

One of the reasons I adore* Prince's music, is that it is so diverse and covers such a wide range of topics. In his long career, he crafted songs about nuclear holocaust, music critics, sex tapes, religious awakenings, and more. No matter what your mood, your situation, your wants or your needs...there's likely a Prince song or two to help you celebrate, purge, guide, uplift, and grieve. 

And so, as we adjust to a world without the unique brilliance of Prince Rogers Nelson, naturally, we turn to his music to celebrate his life and mourn his loss. 

Whether you are a lifelong fan like yours truly...or are only now, after his death, learning why Prince is so cherished by so many, here's a list of the 25 Prince songs best suited for mourning this true musical genius who left us far too soon. And just as his music was diverse, so is this list: these songs run the gamut between heartfelt ballads to club hits and almost everything in between. 

25) Welcome 2 the Dawn ("The Truth," 1998) 

24) Starfish & Coffee ("Sign o' the Times," 1987) 

23) Love ("3121," 2006) 

22) My Love is Forever ("For You," 1978)

21) The Love We Make  ("Emancipation," 1996) 

20) Into the Light ("Chaos and Disorder," 1996) 

19) The Arms of Orion ("Batman," 1989) 

18) The Ladder ("Around the World In a Day," 1985) 

17) Wherever U Go, Whatever U Do ("Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic," 1999) 

16) Cream ("Diamonds and Pearls," 1991) 

15) It's Gonna Be a Beautiful Night ("Sign o' the Times," 1987) 

14) The Cross ("Sign o' the Times," 1987)

13) Anna Stesia ("Lovesexy," 1988) 

12) Future Soul Song ("20Ten," 2010) 

11) Let's Go Crazy ("Purple Rain," 1984) 

10) Money Don't Matter 2 Night ("Diamonds and Pearls," 1991)

9) Call My Name ("Musicology," 2004)

8) Everywhere ("The Rainbow Children," 2001) 

7) Beautiful, Loved & Blessed ("3121," 2006) 

6) Free ("1999," 1982) 

5) Still Would Stand All Time ("Graffiti Bridge," 1990) 

4) Gold ("The Gold Experience," 1995) 

3) Purple Rain ("Purple Rain," 1984) 

2) I Wish U Heaven ("Lovesexy," 1988) 

There is a particular sad irony in the #1 spot: this song is all about the death of a friend and the profound emotions that accompany such a terrible loss. I have used this song for years & years to help me get through the deaths of those near & dear to me...and never in a million years did I think that Prince's death would occur in the same month as the subject of this song. Like the true showman he was, he got his curtain call at exactly the right time. Although this song isn't one of his most popular or well-known tunes, it was the clear choice for #1: 

1) Sometimes it Snows in April ("Parade," 1986) 


*no pun intended 


Thursday, April 21, 2016

Irony, via Timehop

I'm In a moment of true, sad irony...this is what my Timehop app told me today:

Rest in peace, Prince. I hope u saw the dawn...

Rest in Peace, Sweet Prince

Today, my all-time favorite musician, Prince, has died. I am heartbroken.

His music got me through so many tough times, and helped me celebrate so many great ones. 

He was my first concert, and part of my first tattoo (sadly covered up some years ago, as the work was appallingly bad; it's now under a sprig of morning glories). He will be part of the next one, as well. That much I know. 

Prince taught me that you can be comfortable with your sexuality, and still be a humble servant of the Lord. My favorite songs by him are "Anna Stasia" and "Erotic City," tunes that showcase those two parts of his personality well: the sexy lover, and the true believer. 

In a sad irony, his song "Sometimes It Snows in April" is the song I always play when I have lost a loved one.

Sometimes it snows in April...and today, it has.