Sunday, November 29, 2015

Zen Memories: Alex & Sean

I sometimes wonder what happened to a couple of kids I babysat in the late 80's/early 90's. I wish I could remember their last name, or their mom's name. 

It was my first regular summer job that had nothing to do with family or the Rez: $50 a week. That was a lot of money back then! I used it to buy my mother what was then a astronomically expensive gift: all the "Star Trek" movies on VHS. There were only four of them at the time. 

My grandfather helped me put them and some other stuff in lawaway at the old Kmart in Moraine. One was a special curling iron that gave you crazy 80's-style zigzag curls. I would love to still have that! So much fun. 

The boys I babysat were named Sean and Alex. Sean was seven or so, and Alex was maybe 12-15 months. Alex was one of the cutest little babies you ever saw: rarely cried and smiled all day. And Sean? Sharp as a tack, and remarkably observant. If you told me he was a doctor now, or a professor, or even an astronaut, I would absolutely believe it. 

I don't recall their mother's name. It might have been Maria. I do remember how beautiful and sophisticated she was. She had this amazing long, curly hair. And eyes that were just striking. She always had such gorgeous clothes, makeup and accessories. I think my life-long love of scarves started with "Maria." 

She worked at NCR, when it was still headquartered in Dayton and not the property of the University. Every now and again, she would take us all to the waterpark for employees. True to form, Sean picked up how to use a boogie board in no time. Alex just loved splashing around. So very adorable. 

The only other things I remember about them were that Maria was a big Neil Sedaka fan, and Sean liked to watch "Jem" in the mornings. It was the computer aspect rather than the music that he responded to. The only time he ever misbehaved for me was throwing a fit when he overslept and missed the show.

There's no way "Maria" could know that by giving me a job five days a week, it meant five days I didn't have to live with a father who was increasingly out of control with alcohol. It was a safe haven for me. 

So thank you, my first employer. I hope you and the boys have all the happiness you so richly deserve. 

Friday, November 27, 2015

Why Don't You Celebrate Thanksgiving?

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