Monday, July 14, 2014

Today's MS Adventure: Rx By Halves

I understand when mistakes get made. Hey, we're human, it happens to the best of us. 

Now, it may be because I have bronchitis and Ny-Quil makes me a little loopy, but I found this to be way funnier than it actually was...which is not funny at all. Not even a little. Especially since my husband had to stand in line at the pharmacy for 45 minutes and will now have to go back and stand in line again.

The conversation:

Receptionist: Thanks for calling the Viking's* office. How may I help you?

Me: Yeah, hi. I want to apologize for my voice, I have bronchitis. There seems to be a problem with one of my prescriptions. Unfortunately, I didn't notice it last month and only realized the mistake when my husband tried to pick up my refill today. I take 100mcg of Levothyroid by mouth, one pill per day. Somehow, last month I got 15 pills instead of 30, and the bottle says to take 1/2 by mouth daily. I do have a medication that I take 1/2 at a time, but this isn't it, so I think there may be a mix-up here. 

R: Ok. Well, that's how the Viking wrote it.

Me: That may be, but it's still in error.

R: I cannot find the original prescription in your file. Is this new?

Me: I've been taking it for 20 years.

R: Oh. Let me transfer you to the office manager. 

(I am put on hold for maybe 3 minutes, tops.) 

Office Manager: Is this Angel?

Me: Yes, It is. 

(I tell her the exact same thing I told the receptionist.) 

OM: Well, that was the way the Viking wrote it.

Me: I understand that. But I have been taking the same dosage for two decades with no changes. It looks to me like it got mixed up with my methadose. But even then, that's not right, as you don't get refills on that by law and I take 1/2 pill TWICE a day of it. 

OM: Hmmm...I see here you need to come into the office for labs. You were told that when you called in needing a refill last month. That's why only 15 pills were called in.

Me: That was my Baclofen, and I was told to come in for labs during the first week of August. And I didn't ask you to call the thyroid meds in. I have a refill on it. 

OM: There's a refill on it?

Me: (experiencing déjà vu) Yes, but I had it filled on the 26th of last month, so they can't just fill it again as it stands. 

OM: Well, it looks like you need to be seen and that's why you aren't getting more than 15.

Me: That doesn't explain why it says to take 1/2 pill. Again, this wasn't called in. I have a refill on it.

OM: How many refills are on it?

Me: Just one. I'm looking at the bottle right now. 

OM: Let me put you on hold...

(A few minutes later...)

OM: Ok, we've called it in to your pharmacy. Don't forget to come in next month or you won't be able to get refills.

Me: No problem. See you then. 

The moral of the story? Always check your prescriptions when you pick them up and not just when you run out. I will be more vigilant in the future, believe me.

Now I am off to Ny-Quil land...

UPDATE: They called it in with the right dosage...but again only 15 pills. As I have to be seen prior to those meds running out, I am disinclined to argue. 

*I never use the real names of medical professionals on ZPT. The Viking has been my doctor for over a year or so now. He's a good doctor and I love the office. But like I said....we're none of us immune from making mistakes. Even Viking doctors.