Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My New Year's Resolution: 12 Thank You's

I subscribed to Muppet Magazine when I was a kid (and how I wish I still had them). In a holiday issue, Miss Piggy gave advice that I still remember and follow to this very day: if you make New Year's resolutions fun, you'll have no trouble keeping them! 

So every year I make a "6-pack" of resolutions: three for fun, one for my spiritual wellbeing, one for something I've put off for far too long, and finally, one for my own damn good.

I am test-driving a new type of ZPT post: lists in the form of either a 6-Pack or a 12-Pack. Why not start with New Year's?

So here we go...!

•6-Pack #1: New Year's Resolutions•

In 2015, I resolve to...

1) Go to at least one tattoo convention and get at least two tattoos this year.
2) Go through photo box and sort: get undeveloped film developed, put worthy photos in frames, put other photos in albums, scan into the computer the photos I inherited from Grandpa, fill the photo cubes Jonathan bought me, make locket photos for me, the girls & my goddaughters (maybe a soft photo baby book for Miss Morgan). 
3) Go to Disneyland! And be sure to catch Merlin and the Sword Ceremony!
4) Finish the Old Testament, at least one chapter per Thursday. 
5) Write 12 thank-you letters to and for people who deserved them in 2014.
6) Cut red meat out of my diet after my surgery (and thusly no more anemia).

Happy New Year!

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