Friday, March 03, 2006

The Freaks Come Out in IM Part II

It never fails to amuse me how some people chose to spend their online time. Observe:

Weirdo #1 [3:49 P.M.]: Hi do you want to talk about guys?
Zen Angel [3:49 P.M.]: No thank you.
Weirdo #2 [3:49 P.M.]: ok bye

A few moments later, I get this in email:

In a message dated 3/2/2006 3:49:35 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, writes:



I can just see her at the keyboard, pounding it and yelling, "How DARE she not want to talk about guys with me! I'll show her!" ROFL.

This next IM I am convinced came from the Weirdo in Part One:

Weirdo #2 [3:37 P.M.]: wanna go at it?
Zen Angel [3:37 P.M.]: No thank you.
Weirdo #2 [3:38 P.M.]: howo come?
Zen Angel [3:38 P.M.]: Please read my profile....I don't do cyber. Happily married and not interested, sorry. Have a nice day.
Weirdo #2 [3:38 P.M.]: u too mam

Still trying, he is....and still polite about it! And they say perverts have no manners....


At 5:22 AM, Blogger AGFH said...

Perverts with manners! I love it!


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