Friday, February 10, 2006

The Freaks Come Out in IM

I got two weird IMs yesterday. The things people will IM to total strangers never fails to amuse me. I've changed the names to protect the chronically stupid.

Weirdo #1 [2:18 P.M.]: who the fuck is this?????????????//
Zen Angel [2:18 P.M.]: Excuse me?
Weirdo #1 [2:19 P.M.]: who the fuck is this???????
Zen Angel [2:19 P.M.]: What are you talking about? You IM'd me.
Weirdo #1 [2:19 P.M.]: ok u r retarded
Weirdo #1 [2:19 P.M.]: u dumd ass freakazoid
Zen Angel [2:20 P.M.]: And you're clearly a very immature child. Have a nice day.
Weirdo #1 [2:21 P.M.]: acutually im 18 so haha
Weirdo #1 [2:21 P.M.]: bitch
Zen Angel [2:21 P.M.]: Immaturity has nothing to do with age, and everything to do with behavior. And you're clearly immature. Now kindly go away.
Weirdo #1 [2:22 P.M.]: no thanks
Zen Angel [2:23 P.M.]: LOL. You've no choice. Filtering you now. Have a nice day, little one.

A few things amuse me about this IM: I don't know who this person is, and I've no idea why they wanted to IM me to ask me "who the fuck I am." What is hilarious is that after I said, "Excuse me?" she wrote it LARGER, as if I could not see the question the first time.

Weirdo #2 [5:03 P.M.]: i want u in my pants
Weirdo #2 [5:03 P.M.]: whats a good size to u
Zen Angel [5:04 P.M.]: That sounds like a personal problem.
Weirdo #2 [5:04 P.M.]: whats a good size to u?
Zen Angel [5:04 P.M.]: My husband.
Weirdo #2 [5:04 P.M.]: what size is that
Zen Angel [5:05 P.M.]: That's not really any of your business, now, is it? I'm not into cyber, so kindly leave me alone.
Weirdo #2 [5:05 P.M.]: ok
Zen Angel [5:05 P.M.]: Have a nice day.
Weirdo #2 [5:05 P.M.]: u to mam

As perverts go, this one was at least polite about it....


At 5:27 PM, Blogger Angel said...

LOL When I was on AOL, I had to disable who could IM me--people would IM me out of the blue and if I dared hint I wasn't in a chatty mood, they'd get rude. Um, hello????

Hope it was good for a laugh for you ;)


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