Saturday, February 11, 2006

The "Great Name for a Punk Band" Game

Jonathan and I play many games (and some I can't tell you about here, wink wink). One of our favorites is the "Great Name for a Punk Band" game. Sometimes, we'll just hear things on the radio or tv or read about them and say, "Hey! That's a great name for a punk band." We usually get a pretty good laugh out of it. And lucky you....I thought I'd start sharing them every now and again on this blog.

For instance, today I misheard my son Phoenix talking and I thought he said "underpants vampires." So, of course, the game was in effect!

In order to determine whether or not you've got a "Great Name for a Punk Band" and win a point in the game, it must:

A) Be sufficiently cool, silly or weird
B) Cannot be taken by any other band
C) Must sound great when yelled, "We're _____! Thank you, Cleveland!"

Does Phoenix's entry count? Let's see: it's definately weird, and vampires are automatically cool. And underpants are quite that's three for three on the first qualification. We did a google search, and didn't find any bands with the name, so it's cool on the second qualification, too. Sooo......

"We're the Underpants Vampires! Thank you, Cleveland!"

Yep, he definately gets a point in the game.....


At 8:32 AM, Blogger Pixie LaRouge said...

Neil's Nipples

First hit single is Clickable Nipples off their debut album Neil's Nipples Say Hello

The scary part... these are all things I've heard coming out of my mouth

At 11:43 AM, Blogger amanda said...

that is a good way to laugh now isn't it?? If my hubby and I were more into punk music and had a clue maybe we would play!!!


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