Thursday, March 09, 2006

An Update

Still in pain, still getting little sleep, little food and little relief.

To top matters off, my doctor's office insists I can't be seen before Tuesday. I am beginning to feel like I'm getting the run-around here....

I've decided that a number of things need to be done:

1) I made a complaint with the hospital about the incident on Sunday. Maybe THEY can figure out just what happened and why I was not treated. I also need to make a complaint against Dr. Otherwise. SOMETHING happened Sunday, and I suffered needlessly as a result. This CAN'T be allowed to happen again....and with Dr. Otherwise telling me one story and the P.A. telling me another, making complaints might be the only way to sort out this mess.

2) I need to either get more medication per month or better medication. I've been looking into transdermal patches, after reading an article in a recent issue of the Trigeminal Association newsletter. If I had some of those, I wouldn't need to go to the ER as much or (hopefully) at all.

3) I need to have, in writing, exactly WHEN I am to go to the ER, WHAT I am supposed to do both prior to going and once there, and exactly WHAT the ER is directed to do for me in the event that I am examined and deemed in need of pain relief.

4) If my doctor is resistant to any or all of these (and I really hope
she's not, as I like her personally and I certainly don't hold Dr. Otherwise's attitude against her), I may have to shop around for a new doctor. A few people in my support group told me they have had better luck in pain management treatment from DO's than they have with MD's. I'm looking into this....

Thanks to everyone for the well-wishes. You'd think with a disease that literally drives people to kill themselves out of pain that doctors and hospitals would WANT to ease said pain....

Another update: the company I wrote the "STOP CALLING ME!" post about called again today. I spoke to a supervisor who again assured me that no more calls would be made to my telephone number. Yeah, right.

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At 11:03 AM, Blogger Angel said...

(((((Hugs)))))) I admire how you don't give up or quit going after these "docs", how you don't let them break your spirit.

I have to shop for a new doc--my current (ironically, a DO) has put up a sign in her office that declares they will not handle pain management. @@


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