Friday, April 21, 2006

A Sad Good-Bye

I read several blogs on a pretty regular basis (and when I mean several, I do mean SEVERAL...the list is quite long). I don't always comment as often as I should, but I do read them and enjoy them. Many I have read for years now.

Absolutely Zero: Confessions of a Queer Neurotic is one of them. The blogger, Dennis, is a witty, clever, compassionate and thoughtful blogger who never fails to make me think (even when I don't agree with him). Sadly, Dennis has decided to bid adieu to his blog. And as I am uncertain whether or not he will read or approve his comments, I wanted to write my good-bye to him here. I hope he sees it someday.

Dennis, yours was one of my favorite blogs. Always insightful, always thought-provoking, always worth the read. I will miss it, and you. If you ever decide to come back to blogdom, please, let me know. I will consider myself honored to have the chance to read your writings and musings once more.

Take care of yourself, Dennis. You will be missed, and the loss to the blogging world your exit represents will not easily be displaced.

And on the blogging note, and aside to Dark Angel: I'm getting an error message from Blogger every time I try to comment on your site. It's not happening on any other blog, just yours. I thought I'd give you a heads-up....


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