Monday, March 27, 2006

If I Could "Pay to Play"

A friend of mine and I were talking the other day about the VH1 "Pay to Play" program they had recently to raise money for Hurricane Katrina victims. It got us to wondering, "If I could 'Pay to Play' any 100 videos, what would they be?"

And so, here are my 100 choices. Some of them I have chosen because I love the song, some I have chosen because I love the video
(even if I don't particularly care for the song) and some I have chosen because I've never seen the video and would like to. They are in no particular order:

1) Bluebeard---Cocteau Twins
This is probably my favorite video, by one of my favorite bands.
2) Freedom---Rage Against the Machine
This video features excerpts from the film "Incident at Oglala," which is about the Leonard Peltier case.
3) Been Caught Stealing---Jane's Addiction
4) Kozmik---Ziggy Marley & the Melody Makers
5) Aikea-Guinea---Cocteau Twins
6) Outside---George Michael
I love George's sense of humor. He turned what could have been a career-stopping scandal and made it into a joke. Brilliant move on his part.
7) Don't Come Around Here No More---Tom Petty
8) Oh Daddy---Adrian Belew
9) Stuffin' Martha's Muffin---Mojo Nixon
I've never seen this video, which is ironic as the song starts out with Mojo complaining about how his videos are not shown on MTV.
10) Sabotage---Beastie Boys
11) Take On Me---A-Ha
12) One Night in Bangkok---Murray Head
13) Love Will Tear Us Apart---Joy Division
14) A Drug Against War---KMFDM
This is my husband's favorite video.
15) I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind of Thing---Pet Shop Boys
16) Girls & Boys---Blur
17) Happiness in Slavery---Nine Inch Nails
18) Save Tonight---Eagle Eye Cherry
19) Pure Mourning---Placebo
20) Enjoy the Silence---Depeche Mode
Not the best DM song, but a neat video.
21) Cities in Dust---Siouxsie & the Banshees
22) On & On---Erykah Badu
24) Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See---Busta Rhymes
I also like his video with the singing pharmaceuticals, but I can never remember the name of the song...
25) Closer---Nine Inch Nails
26) Cold Beverages---G. Love & Special Sauce
27) Batdance---Prince
28) This Woman's Work---Kate Bush
29) Kenny's Dead---Master P
I'm not a fan of Master P, but I loved the South Park video for this song.
30) Endicott---Kid Creole & the Coconuts
I've only seen this video once. It's become something of a legend in my house.
31) Lion in Zion---Bob Marley
32) The Body---Public Image Limited
33) Pictures of You---The Cure
24) Black Sweat---Prince
25) Don't Phunk With My Heart---Black Eyed Peas
26) Debaser---the Pixies
27) Just One Fix---Ministry
28) No Killing---Violent Femmes
29) Yeha Noha---Sacred Spirits
30) I Try---Macy Gray
31) Don't Let's Start---They Might Be Giants
32) I'm So Happy That I Can't Stop Crying---Sting
33) Ava Adore---Smashing Pumpkins
34) The Sweetest Taboo---Sade
35) Crucified---Army of Lovers
36) It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)---R.E.M.
37) Steam---Peter Gabriel
38) We Are Family---Sister Sledge
My husband and I love watching this video. It never fails to crack us up. If you ever see it on VH-1, pay close attention to the Sister in the back on the left-hand side. She never, ever dances anything even remotely like the other three.
39) (Just Like) Starting Over---John Lennon
40) Veronica---Elvis Costello
41) Galileo---Indigo Girls
42) Save Tonight---Eagle Eye Cherry
43) No More I Love You's---Annie Lennox
44) Missionary Man---the Eurythmics
45) Jeopardy---Weird Al
Weird Al has done some great videos; this one is my favorite.
46) Psycho Therapy---Ramones
47) Cradle of Love---Billy Idol
48) Gone Til November---Wyclef Jean
49) Crazy---Seal
50) New Year's Day---U2
51) Liar---Rollins Band
52) Punk Rock Girl---Dead Milkmen
53) Call Me Al---Paul Simon
I know this is a cheesy video, but something about the smarmy Chevy Chase upstaging Paul Simon gives me the giggles.
54) Stir It Up---Dread Zeppelin
55) I Got You Babe---Cher with Beavis & Butt-head
56) Higher Ground---Red Hot Chili Peppers
57) Ex-Factor---Lauryn Hill
58) Voices Carry---Til Tuesday
59) Bad Reputation---Joan Jett
60) Beds Are Burning---Midnight Oil
61) Don't Dream It's Over---Crowded House
62) Karma Chameleon---Culture Club
63) Pet Semetary---Ramones
64) Elvis is Everywhere---Mojo Nixon
65) Love Don't Live Here Anymore--Rose Royce
This is a guilty pleasure of mine. It's not a bad song, just produced badly.
66) Ekue Ekue---Deep Forest
At least, I THINK this is the video I want. I saw a Deep Forest video, years ago, in which the camera kept panning about in a circle, giving an almost kaleidoscope-like look to it. I think the song was "Ekue Ekue," but I'm not entirely certain.
67) Sledgehammer---Peter Gabriel
68) Rockit---Herbie Hancock
69) Bikini Girls with Machine Guns---the Cramps
70) Leave Me Alone---Michael Jackson
I'm not a Wacko Jacko fan, but it's hard to hate ALL his videos.
71) Runnin' Down a Dream---Tom Petty
72) Land of Confusion---Genesis
73) Hurt---Johnny Cash
74) Justify My Love---Madonna
75) Firestarter---The Prodigy
76) Human Behavior---Bjork
77) The Ledge---The Replacements
78) Tattooed Love Boys---Pretenders
79) Once in a Lifetime---Talking Heads
80) The Man with the Child in His Eyes---Kate Bush
Little-known fact: this was one of the first 40 videos shown on MTV.
81) Right Now---Van Halen
82) Justified & Ancient---the KLF
83) The Perfect Kiss---New Order
84) Fat---Weird Al
85) Dare---Gorillaz
86) Paranoid Android---Radiohead
87) Genius of Love---Tom Tom Club
88) Cold-Hearted---Paula Abdul
Silly song, well-made video.
89) Diamonds--Quincy Jones
I love the little Janet Jackson lookalike. It's like watching her character from "Good Times" giving a concert. Very cute.
90) Wild Wild Life---Talking Heads
Keep your eyes peeled for a pre-Rosanne John Goodman singing in this one.
91) Need You Tonight/Mediate---INXS
92) Dirty Little Secret---All-American Rejects
Any video that features gems from PostSecret is a good video in my book.
93) Come to My Window---Melissa Etheridge
94) Cornflake Girl---Tori Amos
95) The Pleasure Principle---Janet Jackson
My sister and I used to practice the dance moves in this one when we were kids. I'm sentimental about it as a result.
96) Human Nature---Madonna
97) God Save the Queen---Sex Pistols
98) If I Only Had a Brain---MC 900 Ft. Jesus
99) Orinoco Flow---Enya
100) Sadeness---Enigma