Monday, August 29, 2005

Nutbags in a Theatre: Throwing Out Disabled Boy for Laughing Too Loud"

Disabled Boy Booted From Theater For Laughing Too Loud

WALLKILL, N.Y. -- The family of a disabled 7-year-old boy wants an apology from a movie theater after the manager threw him out for laughing too loudly.The parents of Anthony Pratti said it happened Sunday in Wallkill, when they took their son to see "March of the Penquins."

The boy has cerebral palsy and autism. The family said he was enjoying the movie from his wheelchair when a theater worker said he was laughing too loudly, and would have to leave. Gina Pratti said they would try to have their son laugh more quietly, but the manager wanted him to leave.

She said she was dumbfounded when the manager told them the entire family didn't have to go, just the boy in the wheelchair.

The manager refunded everyone's money.


OK, now I have kids---and a disabled one at that---but I am not a total doofus. I don't bring my kids to adult movies (which, in my household, means anything PG-13 and over). I don't let them sit there and scream, cry and throw tantrums in a theatre. I don't let them punch or kick peoples' chairs, or throw things. I don't let them act like little monsters.

But LAUGHING? Come on, people.

First of all, it's a kid movie. And a damned cute one, from what I can tell. I cannot imagine even reprimanding a 'normal' kid for laughing loudly at the antics of some adorable penguins...but throwing out a kid in a wheelchair for enjoying a fucking film? Without even giving the parents an opportunity to try to quiet him down so whatever fucknut was actually bothered by the sound of a disabled child's joy could get some peace and quiet? And for fuck's sake...who goes to a kid's movie and expects it to be quiet, anyway? And what kind of coldhearted, swamp-sucking bastard gets offended by a disabled child's glee? A proctologist with the jaws of life couldn't pry that stick from this motherfucker's ass.

I am reminded of some people on a message board, years ago, who told me I shouldn't take my beloved little girl to the zoo, movies or pretty much anywhere in public because her Tourette's Syndrome might "bother" someone. You know what? FUCK THEM. The kind of people who would be bothered by a disabled child aren't the sort of people I would ever, in a million years, care to cater to. If you are that motherfucking sensitive, it's not MY kid who should stay indoors. Bastards.

To the assmunch who made the complaint: go to the hospital. You're clearly missing a heart. You son of a toothless whore.

And to the theatre who actually threw out this child, and then expected his family to stay there while he was dumped elsewhere: go to the hospital. You're clearly missing a brain. You sons of a two-dollar slut on payday.

Not only should they apologize...they should give this boy a free screening to the movie, so he can watch the penguins without fear of being bodily removed. And I hope he laughs so loud they can hear him in the next county. He deserves it.

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At 11:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

that infuriates me. I agree 100%

At 7:06 AM, Blogger exfbonnie said...

i love your posts. And i completely agree with you. This is if anything a lesson of love and compassion, instead fuck faces are freaks with no understanding of what life is likdke for the disbeled. people need to get fucking over it.

At 7:08 AM, Blogger exfbonnie said...

and get a fuckign heart....
sorry Im sloppy this morning....

Have a great trip, cant wait to here when you get back

At 12:02 AM, Blogger marissa said...

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At 12:03 AM, Blogger Mikey said...

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At 1:30 AM, Blogger Wheel Chair Center said...

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