Saturday, January 08, 2005

Holding Our Wombs Hostage: Virgina Seeks to Pass Mandatory Miscarriage-Reporting Bill

I am forever amazed at the lengths the anti-choice crowd will go to in an effort to erode Roe v. Wade. If they can't get the law overturned...they'll play dirty pool. And this is some of the dirtiest pool yet.

The State of Virginia is seeking to pass a bill that would require women to report miscarriages. It is a poorly-written bill with far-reaching implications. A woman's privacy would become moot.

One of the authors of the bill is now claiming to "add language" to it (in response to the negative feedback he's received) to state that only stillborn babies would be subject to the law. It is supposedly meant to reduce the number of babies left in dumpsters...although how such a bill would accomplish that is beyond me.

You can read more about this travesty of justice on this great blog: Democracy for Virginia.

I urge residents of Virginia to call, write and e-mail their representatives and let them know that a woman's privacy is not something to mess about with. Don't let such a precedent exist...the possible ramifications simply boggle the mind.


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