Wednesday, January 05, 2005

The Sad Ironies of Homophobic Parents

I am always saddened by hatred and bigotry in the world. Saddened, and pissed, at the same time.

And then there are the times that make you just want to scream from the rooftops, "What the FUCK?"

This is one of those times.

Gay Couple's Sons Anger Parents at Catholic School

Apparently, some less-than-open-minded parents and parishioners have accused the Roman Catholic diocese in Orange County of violating church doctrine by allowing the two adopted kindergarten-aged sons of a gay couple to enroll in the churches' school.

The group demanded that St. John the Baptist School in Costa Mesa, California permit only families that pledge to abide by Catholic teachings to attend. Current Catholic Church dogma, of course, prohibits same-sex marriages and relations.

But hurray! Proving that not everyone in the Catholic Church suffers from an acute case of Gaydaritis, the superintendent of the schools, The Rev. Gerald M. Horan, is apparently denying the parents' demands. If Catholic beliefs were strictly adhered to, the good Reverend maintains that the school would then be forced to bar children of divorce, or those whose parents used birth control or married outside the church.

"This is the quagmire that the parents' position represents," he said. "It's a slippery slope to go down."

The nutbag parents, however, are undeterred by this show of logic, reason and tolerance. Some have threatened to pull their children from the school and to even ask the Vatican itself to intervene on their behalf. Others are worried the boys' attendance will set a precedent, saying their presence is part of a larger effort by the gay community to change the church.

And in a statement that blows up irony meters everywhere, one such mother of four kids at the school, one Monica Sii, had this to say:

"The boys are being used as pawns by these men to further their agenda."

So let me get this straight (no pun intended): two gay parents attempting to get the best possible education for their children is using children as "pawns" to further their parents' agendas but a whole GROUP of parents making demands, threats and all sorts of tantrums to discriminate against two KINDERGARTENERS is NOT?

Whoa Nelly. Someone ate paint chips as a child....a whole lot of them.

What I find particularly interesting is that while the gay-bashing parents are screaming from here to Rome, the gay parents of the boys in question have chosen not to comment on the situation. If they are trying to "further the gay agenda," they are certainly not doing a good job of it, huh?

It's to the point with some people that anything a gay person does is for the sole purpose of "furthering the gay agenda," no matter what it is. It's gotten so that a gay man can't even take a shit in some towns without someone bitching that "he's trying to recruit our public restrooms to his agenda!"

Give me a break. When are people going to learn that homosexuals are no different than they are? They want the best for their families. They want the same rights and respect that heterosexuals get. They want to not be judged by what they do when they turn off the bedroom lights...which is none of anyone's damned business, anyway. Can you imagine someone saying to me, "Sorry, but your son can't go to our summer see, we happen to know that you and your hubby engage in some light bondage, and we just think that's a perversion!" It would be the height of rudeness. And yet, there are still idiots---and apparently, quite a few in Orange County, California---who want to judge others by something as meaningless (in the long run) as how they have sex and who they love.

Get over it. Blacks and Whites can marry now. Women can vote. And Gays have kids who (gasp!) deserve an education just as much as your "traditionally-reared" children do.

And any jerk who wants to discriminate against FIVE YEAR OLDS, to reject them utterly, based soley on the love lives of their parents and then has the unmitigated GALL to say that THE PARENTS are using the kids as "pawns" deserves to be strung up-side down by their short hairs and forced to listen to Yanni Live over and over until their brains melt into silly putty.

It's not as if they were using them, anyway.



At 9:00 AM, Blogger Angel said...

And this incredible entry is why I check for new updates every day. Well said!

At 9:43 PM, Blogger Pixie LaRouge said...

And I stand here, mouth hanging open, eyes slightly glazed, awed by the pomposity of the "I'm right, you're wrong" attitudes of the fools of the world. Thank you for your eloquence.

ps, will you STOP linking to such interesting blogs and sites already? I'm trying to get some work done ::wink::


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