Saturday, December 18, 2004

Nice Try, Pervert

You gotta love the Internet sometimes. It gives pathetic losers balls where before they hath none.

Here's an IM I got earlier this evening:

Chris-----: hey
Pendragon525: hello
Chris-----: a/s/l
Pendragon525: 30/f/Portland
Chris-----: single?
Pendragon525: No, sorry. Very much married.
Chris-----: oh
Chris-----: what do you look like
Pendragon525: LOL, why?
Chris-----: just wondering
Pendragon525: Well, I look like a 30-year-old married lady, I suppose.
Chris-----: bra size?
Pendragon525: I don't share that with friends, I'm not about to share that with strangers.

LOL, I mean come on....bra size? Get a life, loser.


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