Saturday, July 09, 2005

Stroll Down Memory MEME

I've been tagged by my beloved here goes....

10 Years Ago:
I was trying to patch things up with then-boyfriend, now-husband Jonathan, after a short seperation. We would be successful (obviously) a few weeks later...and have been together ever since. We were still living in Dayton, and my mom was briefly living with me after HER break-up with a shithead boyfriend who is, in my opinion, pond scum. We spent much time consoling one another over ice cream and oreo cookies. I would turn 21 in two weeks.

Five Years Ago:
Wow...let's see. I have absolutely no idea what I was doing in July 2000. We were living in our old Shitty Apartment...I think maybe we were on vacation in Ohio in July. Not sure.

One Year Ago:
I was doing much what I am doing now: trying to stay out of the heat and taking care of my kids...the only big difference is that Eden, who is now definately a toddler, was still quite definately a baby.

Housework. Lots of fun.

Rested, mostly, as I was having a serious bad MS day. Every muscle in my body aches and burns. I watched the "Cash in the Attic" marathon on BBCAmerica. I also spoke on the phone to my friend Amy and IM'd at length with Fizz. After I put the baby to bed, I'll be doing arts & crafts with my oldest two kids.

Outlet shopping, and weather permitting, a trip to the park with the kids.

5 Snacks I Enjoy:
Soft pretzels & nacho cheese; yogurt; popcorn; granola; ice cream sandwiches.

5 Bands I Know the Lyrics to Most of Their Songs:
Prince; Indigo Girls; Kate Bush; Depeche Mode; The Cure.

5 Things I Would Do with a $100,000,000:
Get some kick-ass doctors; move to England; start my own record label; travel; buy a big, gorgeous house.

5 Locations I'd Like to Run Away To:
London, Glastonbury (U.K.), Ireland, Italy, Las Vegas (but only for a week or so).

5 Bad Habits I Have:
I procrastinate; I talk too much; I ignore my doctors when they tell me to take it easy; I write phone numbers & notes in paperback books; I'm always late to pick up prescriptions (Walgreen's must hate me---they have to send me half a dozen of those "your prescription is ready to be picked up" phone messages before I actually get the damned things).

5 Things I Like Doing:
Singing, writing, blogging, dancing and getting tattoos.

5 Things I Would Never Wear:
A thong (particularly one sticking out of the top of my jeans), a bikini, a 'wifebeater,' a shirt with a butterfly collar and pants with words on the ass like "cute" or "hottie."

5 TV Shows I Like:
AbFab, Cash in the Attic, Hell's Kitchen/Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares, History Detectives and Law & Order: SVU.

5 Movies I Like:
Pump Up the Volume, Monty Python & the Holy Grail, Smoke Signals, Thunderheart, Bowfinger.

5 Famous People I'd Like to Meet:
Anne MacCaffrey, John Lydon, Prince, Tommy Chong, Graham Greene.

5 Biggest Joys at the Moment:
My husband, my children, my friends, my spirituality and my health (even in the shape its in, it could be SO much worse).

5 Favorite Toys:
I don't really like "toys" per se. So I'll go with "possessions." The celestial dish my mother gave me, my Valentine Book (long story), the antique Japanese vase I inherited from both sides of my family (long story), my family photos and the "engagement ring" my husband gave me when he proposed (another long story).

5 People To Tag:
Angel (Give Me Something To Sing About)
Pixie (Garden of the Red Faerie)
Bonnie (Punk Rock Mommy)
AGFH (A Girl From Home)
Vanessa (Just Another Righteous Babe)

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