Monday, July 04, 2005

Checking In

Sorry I haven't been posting much has been catching up to me. So I thought I would drop a few lines here to discuss what's been going on in the real-life world of Zen Angel.

On Saturday, my best friend Fizz and his boyfriend stopped by and we hung out for several hours. We had a fantastic time. Fizz gave me the cast recording for "Spamalot" as a gift (is it any wonder I love this guy?). It was the first time I had seen Fizz in person in nearly a year, and the first time I'd ever really spent any time with the boyfriend, "M." M is, to my surprise, a really nice guy. After they left, I just marvelled at how much I enjoyed his company. I really think he's "the one." They just seem so...compatible. It didn't hurt that my kids liked him, too...or that he brought me a daisy. All in all, a great night. I need to stop being such an hermit. Having a social life again would do me some good, methinks.

Yesterday, Eden had another outbreak of allergic purpura. I've written about that here before: it's a rare condition that makes her break out in a rash that looks like little round bruises on her feet, legs and back. It also makes her run a fever and get tired and cranky. I've basically spent the better part of the past two days nursing her and comforting her. Tonight, it looked as if most of them are fading, but I'm going to call and check in with our pediatrician anyway. Allergic purpura is usually not serious, but it can lead to kidney failure, so you have to keep an eye on it. This is the third or fourth time she's had an outbreak. Recurrances are very common, although most kids grow out of it by the time they are five or six. This has been the most mild outbreak yet, but I still hate to see her so miserable. Not to mention the fact that all this constant nursing has just wiped me out completely. I feel like a dish rag that has been rung out one too many times.

Tonight is the fourth of July, of course, and we are doing: nothing. Wren is still deathly frightened of fireworks. Even sparklers are totally outside of her comfort zone. And the baby is sick, so we're homebound. You can see the fireworks from my neighborhood, anyway, should we feel so inclined. Hopefully, the Redneck Asshole Neighbors across the street won't be setting them off until daybreak again this year. It makes the next door neighbor's dog freak out and bark like mad, and the noise from the fireworks, redneck party and dog is a bit more than I want to deal with right now. Yee haw.

Health-wise, I'm feeling the effects of the heat of summer. The MS-related fatigue, which I haven't had much of since becoming pregnant with Eden, seems to be back. I feel as if a giant weight were crushing me down. I literally have zero energy. I wonder how much of that is a consequence of all the nursing, though. It's probably a combination of the two: the heat and the constant breastfeeding. In any event, I'm not up to much right now. At least the pain is at a bearable level. I haven't taken anything stronger than prescription-strength Ibuprofen since Saturday (hurray!).

Hopefully, I'll be back to more regular posting here (and on BAD BABY NAMES) soon. Until then, happy 4th, everyone.

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At 10:02 PM, Blogger Angel said...

(((Angel & Eden))) I know that nursing took alot out of me, and you have more on your plate than I did at that time. I hope the neighbors were kind to you tonight!

At 6:30 PM, Blogger tescosuicide said...

Ok, it's done.

At 10:24 AM, Blogger AGFH said...

What is Eden allergic to?
I have never heard of outbreaks like that. Does it itch?
I understand about the neighbors. Ap0k and I had to sit outsode all night to make sure nothing landed on our roof again.


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