Sunday, November 07, 2004

Victim Spots Rapist on "Blind Date"

Some nutbags are malicious. Some are stupid. And some are both.

Case in point, this news story:
Victim Spots Rapist on "Blind Date" Show.

Apparently, a woman in California was watching the TV dating show when she spotted the man who had attacked and raped her in a parking lot back in September 2003. The attack was recorded by California Highway Patrol dispatch when the victim dialed 911. She taped the episode and brought it to police, who arrested the idiot, one Ulrick Kevin White, last week.

The spokesman for the "
Blind Date" show, Joe Schloesser, would not give out details of the screening process for participants of the program. One must assume that a criminal check is not performed, as there is still an open case against White for breaking into the home of a 22-year-old UC student.


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