Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Well, You Weren't Using It!: Stranger Moves In, Redecorates while Owner's Away

Sometimes, the news is just TOO weird. And that's the way I like it.

Take this tidbit of odd information...."Stranger Moves In, Redecorates While Woman's On Vacation."

In short: a woman in Georgia named Beverly Mitchell came home from a 2-week vacation in Greece (must be nice) to find a complete stranger had not only moved in, but had redecorated and was even wearing some of Ms. Mitchell's clothes!

Ms. Mitchell arrived home to find the lights on and a strange car in the driveway. She called police (smart gal), and when they arrived they found 54-year-old Beverly Valentine had taken over the house.

She'd ripped up carpet, repainted a room, replaced Ms. Mitchell's pictures with her own and had even moved in her washer and dryer as well as her dog. She'd gone so far as to switch utilities into her name! She was even wearing some of Ms. Mitchell's clothes. THAT takes gall.

Ms. Valentine at first tried to tell police she was "renting" the house, but then admitted to breaking down the door with a shovel. The police also found a gun and over $20,000 worth of Ms. Mitchell's jewlery in her car.

I think Chief Sheriff's Deputy Stan Copeland said it best, "...I've never seen something this strange."


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