Friday, March 11, 2005

Assisted Suicide Failure, or 1 out of 200 Ain't Bad

This is a big issue in Oregon, and around the country, so I thought I'd say a few words about it.

Oregon is the only state (so far) where assisted suicide is legal. I voted for this law...twice. And would gladly do so again.

Although this law has no effect on anyone living outside of Oregon (and really, no effect on anyone INSIDE of Oregon except the families of the dying), Bush's regime has made it a top priority to destroy this law. And why not? It isn't like they don't have anything else better to do, like get our troops out of a foreign nation or fix the shambles of an economy...sure! Let's fuck with the will of the people of Oregon instead! All this, despite Bush's pre-Presidency policy of believing in states' rights.

Those anti-death-with-dignity folks are claiming a "victory" this month...although why a person's continued pain and suffering can be construed by ANYONE as a "victory" is beyond me.

David E. Prueitt, found to be of sound mind under the law, decided to take advantage of our assisted-suicide law. Instead of dying, however, he slipped into a coma and woke up three days later, asking, "Why am I not dead?" Mr. Prueitt was not physically nor mentally impaired as a result of his attempt or the coma. He died of cancer nearly two weeks later.

The opponents of our law are foaming over with joy. These people have predicted dire complications, and here is their proof!

Well, not really. Mr. Pruiett is the only failure of Oregon's assisted-suicide program. 200 others have successfully died with dignity. I'm not sure what kind of math or science the opponents took in school, but one out of 200 doesn't prove squat. It's an anomaly, and the last time I checked, no one said that ANY medical procedure is effective 100% of the time. Assisted suicide is no different.

I am truly sorry for Mr. Pruiett and his family, for the distress caused by this event. His family are in my prayers.

And as for the opponents of the law who have jumped all over Mr. Pruiett's case...shame on you. This man is not a number. He's not a case study, or a statistic. And he's not a pawn in your political game. He's a person, a person who is suffering unduly and in a manner few can truly understand.

He wanted dignity, and for the sake of your agenda, you gave him a circus. Was it worth it?


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