Tuesday, February 22, 2005

NDN News: False Organization Warning!

Thanks to my friend Wolfie, for bringing this to my attention:

Please feel free to distribute, please help us to combat the exploitation of the American Indian People!

False Indian Organization Warning issued by Comanche Lodge.

For Immediate Release:

According to the authorities, an organization registered online as the "Original Keetoowah Society" is operated by none other than William Scott Anderson of Cabool Missouri.

This individual is claiming to teach Cherokee Spirituality and Religion over the Internet.

The individual registered as operating this false organization has also been linked with numerous bogus Indian Tribes over the years that includes the following:

The Southern Cherokee Nation, Indian Creek Band of Chickamauga located in Deltona Florida, Western Cherokee Nation of Missouri, and last but not least the Amonsoquath Cherokees led by convicted felon Martin "Walking Bear" Wilson.

All of the above mentioned groups are entirely false.

Anderson for several years was claiming on the Internet that the Amonsoquath Group he represented was a federally recognized Indian Tribe. Anderson was known to solicit donations online for several years under the false auspices of maintaining an Indian Reservation.

It is to be noted that the State of Missouri has no Indian Reservations.

In 1996 Anderson was known to exploit the Lakota People by also soliciting donations on New Age Newsgroups while claiming to have received a vision from the Virgin Mary who Anderson claimed was the Lakota Peoples Sacred White Buffalo Calf Woman.

Anderson at that time claimed that the White Buffalo Calf Woman instructed him to go to Bosnia to stop World War III from taking place by teaching Europeans the Lakota Religion, which would, according to him, spread world peace.

Anderson claimed this event would take place by gathering the people of the world in the very same way as was seen in the Hollywood Movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Anderson was caught committing this perverse exploitation by several American Indians. These individuals were informed that Anderson was begging for money on several New Age/Witchcraft discussion groups under the titles of Pipe Carrier, Native Peace Delegate, and also was representing himself as an American Indian Prophet in the spirit of Wovoka the famous Paiute Ghost Dance teacher.

As a result of this intervention, Anderson was quickly exposed as a fraud to the American Indian Community through several popular Native Newsgroups.

William Scott Anderson has now turned his greedy eyes towards the Cherokee Nation and is currently engaged in exploiting the names of respected Cherokee Indian Leaders as a way to solicit money online in yet another monetary scam being done in the name of the American Indian People.

Once again this Charlatan William Scott Anderson is exploiting yet another respected American Indian Nation, and he is currently engaged in exploiting the name of the Honorable Cherokee Chief Chadwick Smith.

In addition to these gross unethical abuses of honorable Indian leaders, William Scott Anderson also exploits the name of the Chief's own ancestor the respected Redbird Smith as yet another way for Anderson to beg for money online in the name of American Indian People.

Please be advised that none of the scams and the numerous false organizations operated by William Scott Anderson either now or in the past have been authentic American Indian organizations and they have all been based entirely on falsehood and deceit.

William Scott Anderson is a wicked fraud and a very well known exploiter of the American Indian People and as such this depraved and twisted individual should be shunned by all.

Anderson is proud to boast associations with such dubious exploiters of American Indian People such as Robert "Ghostwolf" Franzone, Harley Swiftdeer, Brooke Medicine Eagle, and many other well-known frauds who continually exploit the American Indian People.

If you or anyone you know has been victim to the fraud perpetuated by William Scott Anderson, please report such incidents to the following authorities:

United States Department of Justice:

U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001
Internet: http://www.usdoj.gov/

Department of Justice Main Switchboard - 202-514-2000
Office of the Attorney General - 202-353-1555

All My Relations!

Comanche Lodge



At 7:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please be advised, Blue Otter is also associated with Joe Sitting Owl White, FORMER "chief" The Central Band of Cherokee has NO, I repeat, NO association with Joe Sitting Owl White or William Scott Anderson aka Blue Otter


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