Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Find This Nutbag & String Him Up: Child Injured at Hospital

A pox on whoever did this, and a pox on the hospital for allowing it to happen:

Baby injured at Children's Medical Center

(WTNH, Feb. 20, 2005 10:20 PM) _ Police in Hartford are investigating how an eight-month-old baby ended up critically injured while at Connecticut Children's Medical Center.

She was found on a bloody floor last night with severe head injuries.

Officials at the Connecticut Children's Medical Center say they have extra security guards on duty tonight to make the patients and their family feel safer tonight.

"Right now she has brain trauma. She may have a fracture. We are investigating exactly what happened," says Dep. Chief Darryl Roberts.

"Shortly after 8:30 on Saturday night a nurse heard baby cry out she found the child injured and called a code blue emergency response team," says Thomas Hanley, CCMC Spokesperson.

The hospital says the baby was in an oversize crib with bars and doesn't know how the child wound up on the floor, where police say there was also blood.

"The Connecticut Children Medical Center is locked down 24/7. The only way you can get in is if you are an employee with a badge or it you were buzzed in from the nursing station and there were video camera recording everyone that goes into and comes out of the medical surgical units," says Hanley.

The child was a patient on a medical surgical unit and was being treated at the hospital for an undisclosed medical condition since her birth 8 months ago.

"This is a very difficult day for the Connecticut Children's Medical Center. She has been a patient of ours for 8 months she was part of our family," says Hanley.

The hospital says the child's real family did visit often and was here Saturday but police say not at the time of the incident.



At 1:53 PM, Blogger mr m said...

Or, alternatively, one could remove his genitalia slowly with a rusty knife and feed it to him in small pieces.

I'm sure a suitable alternative could be arranged if the perpetrator was female.

At 3:39 AM, Blogger Zen Angel said...

Good point!


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