Sunday, November 21, 2004

Bargain-Bin CD Review: Before X

This is something new I'm trying here on THE ZEN PRETZEL TRICK. I'm calling it BARGAIN-BIN CD REVIEW. You see, I enjoy shopping at various second-hand and thrift shops. I often find CDs there for next to nothing. As a result, I have a large collection of compliation albums, most of which I paid less than $2.50 apiece. So here, I'll review those finds, and just as with my BOOK REVIEWS, I will give each a grade and let you know how much I paid for it, and where I bought it. Enjoy!

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This is probably one of the best compilations I own, and a must-have for the fan of 80's-era modern rock. There are several songs on here I just love: "Cities in Dust" by Siouxsie and "Everyday I Write the Book" by the fabulous Elvis Costello are two of my favorite tunes. The classics "I Wanna Be Adored" and "Under the Milky Way" are welcome additions. The music on the CD flows well, with one exception: the final track, "Institutionalized" by Suicidal Tendencies. Don't get me wrong, I love ST and I enjoy the song. The problem is, it just doesn't "fit in" with the rest of the music on this CD. It's like putting a Gwar song on a "Pure Moods" album. Fortunately, it's the last track, so it doesn't throw off the mood of the CD very much at all. I also disliked the inclusion of the ultra-cheesy "Nemesis." I didn't like that song when it was first released, and it hasn't aged well. My only other gripe (and yes, I'm being nit-picky here) is the mislabelling of the sixth track; it should read "A Girl in Trouble (Is a Temporary Thing)," but the words in parenthesis have been left out. Nonetheless, I definately recommend this CD.

1) Rough Night in Jericho---Dreams So Real
2) That Is Why---Jellyfish
3) Jealous---Gene Loves Jezebel
4) I Wanna Be Adored---The Stone Roses
5) Cities in Dust---Siouxsie & the Banshees
6) A Girl in Trouble---Romeo Void
7) Missionary Man---Eurythmics
8) Welcome to the Boomtown---David & David
9) So Alive---Love & Rockets
10) Under the Milky Way---The Church
11) Everyday I Write the Book---Elvis Costello
12) Eye of Fatima---Camper Van Beethoven
13) Cuts You Up---Peter Murphy
14) Nemesis---Shriekback
15) Institutionalized---Suicidal Tendencies

MY PRICE: $2.50 at CD & Record Exchange


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