Sunday, February 14, 2016

And So It Goes: More Extremism in Politics.

The Yesterday, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia passed away. He was 79 years old.

Now comes the process of hiring a successor. And that is no cake walk, but when you think about it, it's not such a bad thing. I think it should be difficult. It is one of the most powerful positions in our government, and the appointment is for life (although you can retire, as Sandra Day O'Connor did several years ago). Getting this job should require a lot of work, and it should be done with two branches of government working together to find which jurist is best suited for a job in the third. 

It would be great if this process was done without partisan nonsense, but with the goal of making sure our judicial branch of the government is whole, and capable. But it rarely works that way. Instead, it's usually an all-out war between the GOP and the Democrats to keep the Supreme Court as far in their own pockets as they can get. 

Today on Twitter, I found this:

It's this sort of nonsense that irritates me in our two-party system. The extremists on both sides are so very loud and insistent, reason and rational cannot be heard in the same room with them.

In this particular meme, I am irked by both sides:

•The Republican, for making such a petty stand and proudly wanting to hold our judicial system in a state of limbo just because he doesn't like the President. He is choosing to deny any and all candidates based not on any individual jurist's work or accomplishments, but because the other party made the referral. And then there's...

•...the Democrat, who made the meme (presumably), for jumping the gun a little here. Sure, McConnell made the threat? but he hasn't actually DONE anything yet. Calling for his impeachment based only on a political soundbite is a bit much, and let's face it: most political promises go nowhere. And we rarely if ever call them out on it. To quote Rip Torn's character Artie on "The Larry Sanders Show": "Don't pull on that thread, the whole world will fall apart." 

I have even seen people online bashing
Bernie Sanders for releasing a statement of condolence to the family and friends Scalia left behind. Apparently, if a politician isnt lock-step with your own ideaology, it's unthinkable to show a little common decency to that politician's loved ones as they mourn. 

If that makes sense to you, you have gone too far into the extremes. 

Here's hoping the next Supreme Court Justice is deserving of the position. And that he or she will get the job based on their merits, and not be ruled out just because certain senators enjoy grinding the government to a standstill if it has any chance to irritate or thwart the person who recommended them for the job. 


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