Sunday, June 07, 2009

Sure, Let the Kids Play with Nooses! What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

In Canberra, Australia, a school demonstration nearly ended in a tragedy.

Apparently, a group of English students were staging a mock hanging to be photographed as part of a class project...under the direct supervision of their teacher. One student fell from the table with the noose looped around his neck. According to the school's attornerys, both teachers and students raced to the rescue and successfully cut the rope from around the boy's neck after he fell. Some local newspapers are reporting that the student turned blue before the noose was finally removed. He was then examined by paramedics and permitted to go home with his mother.

The local authorities have begun an investigation.

"It beggars belief that such an incident could take place," Queensland state Education Minister Geoff Wilson told local radio on Wednesday.

Source: yahoo news


At 9:37 PM, Blogger Zen Phoenix said...

That's real fucked up mom. They thought this was a good idea?


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