Sunday, April 19, 2009

Nutbag Kills 2 Over Lice

Apparently, for some people, lice is much more serious than just having an itchy head and needing to shell out a few bucks for lice shampoo.

For some people, it's worth killing over.

In Kazan, a Russian town 430 miles east of Moscow, a 26-year-old karate expert has been charged with beating to death a 61-year-old woman and her son. He apparently burst into their home, which was the room next to his in a hostel, and used karate moves to beat them to death. The husband of the dead woman was also beaten with the karate moves, but the 58-year-old survived his injuries.

The reason? According to state investigator Eduard Abdulllin: "The family were poor and drank a lot. He blamed them for infections his wife and the entire corridor with lice."

The suspect, who studied karate for seven years, faces life in prison if convicted.

Mr. Miyagi would be very disappointed.



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