Saturday, September 05, 2015

6 and 12 Packs!

And I don't mean the beer variety.

In an effort to start writing more often, I am resurrecting an old creative writing exercise from my college days: The Pack Attacks.

They are basically listicles, either six or twelve items long. Never fear, I will still do my Megalists from time to time as well. 

Now that I am recovering from the past few years of PCOS and my hysterectomy two months ago, I finally feel the desire, the will and even the strength to write again. I've been reaching for my notepad to write out an idea before I forget it, a habit that I have missed for some time and am glad to welcome its return (even if it happens in less-than-optimal times, like when I am trying to sleep). I find myself just writing again, much to my delight and gratitude to the Creator.

I am still a work in progress, and it's my hope that these new 6/12 lists will help me get into the habit of writing every day...which I hope in time will lead to my working on my books every day.

It's exciting. I am starting to feel like "me" again, and that includes writing, I'm excited, and I'm grateful. 

And hopefully, my journey of a thousand steps starts right here. 

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