Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Putting the Rumors to Rest

I haven't lived in Ohio in nearly 14 years...but there are still rumors flying around about me. I know there isn't much to do in Dayton, but honestly, people. Get a hobby.

Having to go back for my father's funeral, I heard a whole lot of them. Some of them seem to be quite persistant. So, I'm putting the matter to rest.

If you've heard any of these rumors...well, here's the truth:

1) IAN.
I never dated him. We were just friends. I have not laid eyes on him since I was pregnant with my 13-year-old. If he was in Portland a few years ago, I was not aware of it and I did not speak with him or see him.

Contrary to a rather popular rumor, my marriage is very much intact. We have never been separated, nor have we ever sought a divorce. We've been married for almost 13 years, and we lived together for years before that. My husband has never moved out, and we never had a "break" during which I dated someone else. I know the stories going around are far more steamy and interesting than the truth, but what can I say? I'm a married mom of three. And quite happy to be so, thank you very much.

I have secondary-progressive multiple sclerosis and MS-related trigemial neuralgia. It's not a walk in the park by any means, but depsite what you may have heard, I am most certainly not on my deathbed. Most days I can walk with a cane, others I use my scooter. For anyone who is actually interested in my fight against MS and what my life with it is like, I invite them to read my blog, The Zen Pretzel Trick, at zenpretzeltrick.blogspot.com. I also routinely give "MS Updates" on my Twitter account @ZenAngelSinger. You can also learn about MS in general by looking up the local National MS Society chapter in your area. I am very open about my fight with MS, and I am happy to answer questions.

My father passed away last month. I have heard of a rumor that he was shot or that foul play was involved. Again, the rumors are far more interesting than the truth. The truth is, my father was an alcoholic and a diabetic, and those two don't go very well together. I am not saying my father was never shot; those who know our family well are quite aware that my father had been shot at least 3 times over the years. Which leads me to the next rumor: that my father had bullet fragments that "exploded" while he was being cremated, or that he couldn't be cremated because he had said bullet fragments. Yes, my father had bullet fragments in his body. The funeral home and crematorium were very much aware of this and we were assured that there would be no problem, and there wasn't. He was cremated, and nothing exploded or had to be removed from his body in order to accomplish that.

This is a particularly difficult time for me and my family, and these ridiculous rumors only add to the pain and loss we are all experiencing. I know damn near everyone likes to gossip every now and again, but please, let this one be. I have kids, as do my siblings, who are trying to come to terms with the sudden and unexpected death of their grandfather and they do not deserve to hear this garbage. Let my father rest in peace, and let his family mourn him without having to answer such odious and inappropriate rumors.

Thank you.



At 6:51 AM, Blogger SonyaBastian said...

I love you guys. I am sorry you have to actually write these things out because people are so damn petty. Here is hoping that people learn to grow up. But I won't count on it.

At 9:51 AM, Anonymous Ruthie said...

Wow, I said I wasnt gonna read it but then I got bored. I couldn't help but laugh, because its funny how people know so much from 2500 miles away. People assuming about your marriage mad me angry. The truth is your marriage is no ones business. I'm glad to set every one straight when I say there was no break, no "other man", or any other non-sense. How do I know, I live in Portland. You know the place where you happily live 2500 miles away from those sad people. Sonya's half right, they need to get lives too.

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