Saturday, May 07, 2005

When Nutbags Attack: Nutbag Douses Infant with Pepper Spray

PONDERAY, Idaho (May 5) - A woman doused a 2-month-old girl with pepper spray while feuding with the infant's family in a Wal-Mart, police said.

Lorlie M. Gantenbein, 36, of Sagle, was charged Tuesday with felony injury to a child. She was released on $5,000 bail.

The 2-month-old girl was recovering at home after being sprayed Monday, police Chief Mike Hutter said. The infant was treated at a hospital.

Gantenbein in a telephone interview on Wednesday denied using the pepper spray. She said her 16-year-old daughter used the spray, but did so in self-defense.

Gantenbein said she bought the spray for her daughter as tensions rose between the two families after the Gantenbeins rented property to the baby's family and then evicted them. The feud escalated when her daughter began dating the baby's father, she added.

According to police, Gantenbein's daughter sprayed the infant's grandmother and aunt, one of whom was holding the child. Gantenbein then took the canister and sprayed the baby, authorities said. The juvenile was cited with two counts of battery.

In the phone interview, Gantenbein said the baby's aunt grabbed her daughter by the arm, prompting the daughter to use the pepper spray. When the grandmother reached toward Gantenbein's daughter, the girl sprayed her too, Gantenbein said.

"The grandmother ran through the fog with the baby," she said. "It didn't get hit in the face."

However, the baby's mother, Christina Clayburn, told Spokane, Wash.'s KHQ-TV that Gantenbein "was yelling, 'Get the baby! Get the baby!' ... Then she took the Mace out of her daughter's hand and sprayed it directly into my daughter's face."

Gantenbein's daughter was cited for two counts of misdemeanor battery, Hutter said.

"We're taking statements from both sides and evaluating it from there," he said.

Anyone else here someone holler "Yee Haw!" when reading this?!?!?!?

And naturally, this modern day Hatfield-and-McCoy baby daddy drama took place in that bastian of human decrepitude...Wal-Mart. They must be so proud.

I think the worst part of it was when the mom tried to blame her 16-year-old for the pepper-spraying of an infant...and then had the brass cohones to claim it was in self-defense.

Stupidity like this should hurt...badly. It really should. What kind of fucked up individual pepper sprays A BABY? She should spend a good long time in jail...with large, angry women who've been seperated from their own babies and would love to beat the tar out of some snot-nosed, selfish, sadistic little baby-attacking waste of space. And if that baby's father continues to date the 16-year-old after this...he should be strung up by his short hairs and doused with pepper spray until he either explodes or jolts a few brain cells into activity at long last. Whichever happens first.

:::shaking my head:::



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