Tuesday, September 21, 2004

An Intro to Little Ol' Me

Welcome to The Zen Pretzel Trick. My husband and friends are tired of hearing me bitch....so lucky you! You now get to read it all.

My name is Angel. I'm 30 years old, married, three kids. I spent most of my formative years in the wasteland known as Dayton, Ohio. I escaped that boil on the butt of humanity about eight years ago...and now live in Portland.

Me in a nutshell: I'm punk, tattooed and without much tact. Which should make this blogging business a bit of fun on my end. I also have MS, which provides me with two things: A) pain and misery to bitch about and B) pain medication to take away said pain and replace the misery with a good dose of the where-are-my-socks-oh-that's-right-I-put-them-in-the-freezer. I'm biracial and living in an interfaith marriage and have a gay best friend. Conservatives beware...I'm as liberal as you get and unapologetic for it. I'm a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) for now, but am also working on my book, which I call The Arthurian Novel That Will Never Ever Be Completed....Maybe. I love music (most anything except rap and country), reading (mostly Arthurian, sci-fi/fantasy or history-related) and the occassional Jack Daniels Whiskey Sour (did I mention I used to be a bartender?). I homeschool, vote independant (and am pushing for John Kerry...let's get the W out of Washington, folks) and have been published in THE OREGONIAN and PARENTING magazine.

I don't give much of a rat's ass about anyone's opinion...and yet, ironically enough, am writing this to share my opinions with you. Like I say above, the ironies of my life...and there are many. As you shall see.

I plan to use this blog for a number of reasons: to give people an inside look at a young woman struggling with MS and a horrible chronic-pain condition known as trigeminal neuralgia (I've had gall stones, kidney stones, natural child birth, root canals...NOTHING comes close to TN pain, folks); a young mother trying to raise kids with an appreciation of three cultures and two religions (I am half-Irish and half-Qualla Cherokee; I am a non-denominational Christian married to a Russian Jew); an "old-school" punk with opinions on nearly anything from music to politics to the redneck nieghbors across the street; a struggling author trying hard to finish her book; and an outright freak from a family that makes the Osbournes look almost normal. Note I said "almost"....even my father isn't as loopy as Ozzy is these days. And even I have better fashion sense than Kelly...but that's a different topic, isn't it?

I hope you enjoy this. Whether you love me, hate me, pity me or fear me....at least try to have a good laugh outta this every once in a while. I may even give the secret to the amazing Zen Pretzel Trick....you never know.

Yours, Angel

Oh, and I want to thank the girls at Go Fug Yourself for turning me on to blogging...and for the funniest damned blog on the 'net. I share your pain, girls...every time I look at Fugly Love!


At 11:16 PM, Blogger Rich Rosenthal II said...

As you have just started blogging I dont have to feel that bit - o - guilt that comes from not reading an entire archives. I usually just read the top page so to speak to catch an idea of a bloggers writing style and then follow em for a while.

Anyway your commenting on my photoblog brought me here and what I've read so far I've certainly enjoyed.

At 5:13 PM, Blogger Zen Angel said...

Thanks Rich! Fellow bloggies...you should really check out Rich's blog...the photos are gorgeous!

At 10:34 PM, Blogger Rich Rosenthal II said...

While I certainly enjoy playing with the photo blog I spend much more time with Shockingly Provincial. Mentioned your blog in yesterday's post and added a link to my paragraph o links at the bottom of the template.

At 9:42 PM, Blogger exfbonnie said...

Hey Lovely ladey - Im linkin' you up in a heart beat. Glad you found me so that I could find you.


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