Sunday, February 01, 2015

The 28 Day Playlist: Day 1

Today was Day 1 of my #28DayPlaylist project to raise awareness of musical hallucinations, a rare form of tinnitus that occurs mainly in persons with some degree of hearing loss.

Every day, in real time, I will Tweet the song I am currently hearing on my feed: @ZenAngelSinger

It's been very interesting. I've never had to focus on my internal radio before. I think this is going to be an enlightening month.

Today, I spent several hours listening to my brain play Wham! The song: "Everything She Wants." 

I'd never really thought about the lyrics to that song. It's about a man in some sort of a relationship with a gold digger. He works himself to near collapse, while she spends the day shopping, probably at the Galleria (it was the 80's, after all). 

I started feeling sorry for the first.

I began to get sick of the song.

And then finally! The thrill of victory...

...quickly followed by the agony of defeat.

I began to blame it for everything.

Many people were looking forward to the Super Bowl today (and halftime show talk led to a delightful run of "Get Your Freak On" by Missy Elliot).

I was excited for the return of "The Blacklist."

There were some weird moments, too.

And even some irony.

DAY 1:

17 Songs
3 Film/TV Scores
5 Repeating Songs
2 Instrumentals 
3 Tune Stoppers
2 Songs Actually Heard then Repeated


•"Book of Love"--Peter Gabriel
•"Ship of Fools"--Erasure
•"Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?"--Disney tune 
•"Into the Night"--Benny Mardones*
•"Everything She Wants"--Wham! 
•"Yeha Noha"--Sacred Spirits*
•Music from the end credits of "X-Men"
•"Dream a Little Dream of Me"--Cass Elliot
•X-Men (again) 
•Dream a Little Dream (again)
•"Marble Halls"--Enya 
•Wham has returned 
•"Get Your Freak On"--Missy Elliot*
•"Magic Bus"--The Who 
•"My Generation"--The Who
•"Dirty Deeds"--AC/DC
•"Joy in Repetition"--Prince 
•"I've Had It"--Aimee Mann 
•Downton Abbey theme
•Back to Aimee Mann
•Missy Elliot again 
•Wham again (to my horror) 
•Missy Elliot yet again (to my delight) 



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