Friday, December 13, 2013

12 Days of Xmas: Intro & Day One

It's 12 days until Christmas...and I will be posting 12 YouTube videos a day for 12 days! Some will be funny, some will be classics, and some will be just plain weird. Holiday specials, music videos, movie clips and even commercials will be among the choices.

They'll be posted daily on Twitter (@ZenAngelSinger) with the hashtag #12DaysofXmas; on my FB account & on my Google+ account.

For those who want a full list, I will be posting it here on the Zen Pretzel Trick! Check in daily to see today's choices.


1) Silver Bells--Paul Simon & Steve Martin

2) You Ruined My Xmas--The Supreme Fabulettes

3) Star Wars Holiday Special Ending

4) 1950's Tootsie Roll Christmas-Themed Commercial

5) 10 Highly Unusual Facts About Christmas

6) Silent Night--Johnny Cash & His Daughters

7) It's Christmas C'est Noel--Jordy

8) Heck, Why Is Santa Always So Jolly?--Rugrats Holiday Classics

9) Happy New Year!!--Spike Jones & The City Slickers

10) You Ain't Getting Sh*t For Christmas--Red Peters

11) Charlie Brown Christmas Tales Part 2

12) Ellen Found Some Bad Holiday Photos!