Saturday, November 04, 2006

A Pain in the Ass, is This Pain in My Chest

Well, it looks like my recent 3-month run of luck staying out of the doctor's office has come to an end. Two weeks ago, I began feeling this strange, heavy sensation in my upper chest. Now, I've been experiencing a lot of nausea lately, and I chalked it up to just vomitting too much. Yesterday, the pain started to burn, and be very pronounced when I exhaled. Last night, I began coughing.

So naturally, I am I've had pneumonia three times and would rather not have it again. But this feels more like pleurisy than pneomonia. I haven't had pleurisy in years, but it's not a pain you forget easily.

I'm not in a ton of pain, it's just...uncomfortable.

So, I'm going to call the doctor first thing Monday morning and get checked out. Wish me luck...



At 9:13 AM, Blogger Ron Southern said...

Good luck. Don't make us panic. I mean, I hope it's something resolvable.

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