Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Nutbag Parents: Sitter? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Sitter!

Parents Accused Of Leavings Kids Home Alone While Partying

San Ramon police are investigating the case of two young children, 10-year-old Joshua and his 5-year-old autistic brother Jason, left home alone while their parents went to Las Vegas to ring in the new year. The boys are now with their grandmother. Their father and step-mother still haven't made it home.

Police found the children home alone and asleep in their beds after their maternal grandmother called. She had asked officers to check on them. She was afraid the parents had gone to Las Vegas and left the kids behind.

The grandmother says the boys' father and step-mother had asked her to watch them so they could go to Vegas, but she told them she wouldn't be able to. They told her they couldn't find anyone else to take care of them.

Libbey Holden: "I said, 'why don't you take the boys with you?' She said, 'because we are newlyweds and we work hard and deserve a break."

Police got into the house through an unlocked second floor sliding glass door late Saturday night. They say the gas fireplace was on and the boys were safe. But they had been there by themselves since Friday.

Police say the children acted as if this has happened before, and the grandmother says it has.

Investigators left several messages for the parents on their cell phone over the weekend, but didn't hear back from them for two days. They finally called Monday night to say they are still in Las Vegas.

The family's next door neighbor says the couple never contacted her about watching or checking on the kids.

You fuckers work hard and deserve a BREAK from your kids? I hope you get one...permanently. You assholes don't deserve to have children. You don't even deserve to have hamsters. I shudder to think what could have happened to those kids: both young, one autistic, alone with an unlocked door....

I hope Vegas was worth it, you bastards. No, I don't. I hope you lost your shirt as well as your kids. You could have lost their lives....for your asinine "newlywed break."



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